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Social Activities

Thu, July 22, 17:00 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Early Career Scientist Happy Hour

Given the insanity of the past year, we would love to come together, chat, and just relax! Join the Early Career Committee for a very Happy Hour and networking event. We will share stories, play games, and get to know other early career scientists. Bring your own beverage (and snacks!) and join us for cheesy jokes and a fun, relaxing time. 


I am an assistant professor at Wofford College in South Carolina, USA. With a masters in mammalian paleontology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a PhD in environmental science from Vanderbilt University, I am most interested in spatial and temporal aspects of tropical mammalian ecology, particularly how tropical mammals have changed through time and in response to anthropogenic land use change. Through this work, I aim to find solutions for creating sustainable ecosystems that preserve native species while also balancing anthropogenic land use needs. By using large mammals as proxies for defining wildlife land use needs, I explore the conditions under which large mammals can persist in anthropogenically modified ecosystems as well as the role large mammals play in tropical forest rejuvenation post wildfire. When not conducting research, I enjoy eating peanut butter, mountain biking, and swimming in the ocean.

María Natalia

I am a plant community ecologist and an assistant professor at the University of Michigan. My research interests are framed under the question what are the mechanisms underlying the tremendous amount of diversity in tropical regions? To address this question, I examine forest dynamics and apply functional trait-based approaches. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and trying new food.

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