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Emerging Frontiers In Tropical Ecology: Voices from the Next Generation [OFS-7]

Open-Format Session

Emerging Frontiers In Tropical Ecology: Voices from the Next Generation [OFS-7]

21/7/21, 18:20


Maria-Natalia Umana, University of Michigan
Sofia Rodriguez-Brenes, Organization for Tropical Studies

ATBC and OTS student awards have a great impact on fostering the research of new generations of tropical ecologists and conservationists. This symposium will highlight some of the projects that have been recently awarded by ATBC and OTS.

With this symposium, we want to highlight the research of the newest generations of tropical researchers that have recently obtained awards from ATBC (Biotropica) or The Organization for Tropical Studies OTS. ATBC and OTS are two key institutions that have provided great research opportunities for many generations of researchers. In this opportunity, we want to emphasize the importance of new generations in building new knowledge in distinct areas within tropical ecology and conservation. ATBC together with Biotropica has a well-known awards program for recognizing outstanding papers published in Biotropica by young investigators. Additionally, in 2020, ATBC started a new grants program: ATBC Seed Research Grants to promote research for the earliest generation of researchers. Similarly, the OTS institution is renowned for its graduate and undergraduate courses and for providing opportunities for a new generation of scientists to conduct research at its research stations in Costa Rica and South Africa. The OTS also has an awards program for recognizing young investigators with outstanding publications. In the long term, the SECSCI committee would like to do this symposium annually.

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